• Alabama Song

I was firmly convinced that I was ready for and capable of a long, deep, close relationship, and I did know, that I could start that only with a woman. Although I was aware that the gay scene is not the right place for me to find the girl I wanted, I went there more often (the food was good). We wrote already 1990 when I went there to attend a Sylvester party, after midnight on New Year’s Eve. I didn’t nurse any hope for that night, so I met B.P. surprisingly the first time. She was studying at the painting class at the same art academy like me. I never saw her before. We got drunk, she was funny, although not my type, we stayed together watching out for pretty girls, who must most probably have been somewhere else, but not there. So we landed early in the morning in my room at the house of the baroness. Before all started, we needed to go to the hospital. B.P. paniced because she couldn’t see her contact lenses on her eyes anymore, she was searching for (she was searching nonstop for something), but couldn’t find them, so I drove her to the eye-clinic. Knowing she was gay, made the story then pretty uninteresting, but we had some fun, and she said, as she left „I’ll call you“. Of course, she didn’t, but I didn’t care about. One night I met R.K., we still met once in a while and we went for dinner to the Villa. She never had been at such a notorious establishment, she didn’t feel comfortable there. The local was overcrowded, not one single table was free, we already wanted to go, as I spotted two free chairs at least. We consorted to two unknown women. One of them had a nice smile, I have noticed that incidentally. That was the last night I spent with R.K.