• Juicehead Man

I was running with my newest discovery two floors below in the house and knocked impatiently at the door of C.W. Finally! She was at home and a bit amazed how excited I was. I had to share with her the exalted joy. She couriously put the CD into the player and turned up the sound. I realized what was going on in her, as she listened to those vibes the first time, since I felt the same. She was the only one, who could feel, what I felt. She said „Oh My God, I thought Janis is dead!“ She wasn’t scared to make this two hour, soul session trip with me, to sense all heights and deeps by going through mysterious dimensions. She was one of the few people, who did understand what’s the message, which only music can bring, to get one with it, even without understanding the lyrics. Only the music counts, the 4/4 or 12/8 rhythm, the harmony kept within the right key with major an minor chords, the interaction of playing and singing, the joy of the sound, the heartbeat of the beats, „take me to the bridge!“ This music was not made for fading away in the background. Listening with her to that together was a catarsislike real experience.