• Emergency

I mostly was left. But someday I learned to go, when the time was right to hit the road. Of course those bitter times left marks and the willingness, to get hurted, decreased. I was sleeping alone even during the time I’ve been with W.C. together. I must admit, the start of meeting her was really romantic. We just could not have been more different. She was in a relationship, that bothered me less although it was not defined, who cheated whom. I didn’t care about, since I was free, only responsible for myself. Her tongue was pierced, that bothered me much more. I was surprised to notice, how conservative I actually am. She was Gemini from zodiac sign, sexuality for her was a self-evident way to communicate. (I can’t say till today which sign of zodiac is mine. I was born on July 22nd, which is the first day of Lion in Hungary, but the last day of Cancer in Austria, just because the Hungarian language doesn’t include the last day of „ from -till“, but German does.) Already after a short time, W.C. claimed, she had fallen in love with me. She left her girlfriend in lightning-speed, but found it too intimate to spend Christmas with me, inspite of three months of intense contact. Overnight I found it quite easy not to see her again. A down time of paralyzing winterdepressions cought me after I left her. In my head reined a terrible chaos. I couldn’t do anything against, I was totally taken out. Sometimes I even couldn’t leave my apartment. Everything around me apperad so strange, so surreal. I tried to get out from this deep hole, I needed to get back to the roots. That way I got the blues again. Within weeks I redoubled my music collection. I was searching for new vital energies, for a new voice. And finally I found it by accident on the web. That helped me, only that. The voice, I always wanted to hear since I am listening to music.