• Yes, We Can Can

It was a starry night from the third to the fourth November 2008. Estimated at least the half of the terrestrials set all their hopes in one black man to change the world. I tried to force myself to stay awake and follow the broadcasted election night, but I slept in during the TV was running on full volume. Anyhow I woke up just in the right time at the key moment. I woke up because I cried while I dreamed, I dreamed that I am crying the tears of joy. I dreamed that the 44th President of the United States will be a Dreamer. I could hardly believe that the dream came true, I needed a proof, something tangible real, right now. I felt I have to get immediately in touch with you. I was sending a text message on my phone, (the quickest way to get to you) „YES WE CAN!“. You answered by return mail just in a few seconds „YES WE CAN CAN!!!!!“ I didn’t dream anymore, that I am crying the tears of joy. I did.