• Dream A Little Dream Of Me

I didn’t know anything about this woman, not even her name, I just did know, I absolutely need to see her again. I only could remember a blurred face of her (since in general I can only remember voices), but the impression she left me didn’t leave me alone. I was searching for her, consciously or unconsciously, wherever I went. I even asked a stranger, a long-haired blonde woman on the street, if she had been to Budapest last weekend. She smiled at me and said „no, but I’ll be there next weekend“. I wished her a good trip. One week went by, I didn’t hope anymore, that I ever will see her again, maybe she did not exist at all, maybe I only had pictured her to me. I was lost in my thoughts, I wanted to cross a cross-walk in downtown as I felt a light touch on my shoulder and heard a voice saying „did you get back well from Budapest?“ /OMG! That was her voice!/ I turned surprised back and couldn't trust my eyes. I needed to thank my fate, that I always got a second chance, which I certainly would not blow that time. We went to the next old fashioned viennese coffeehouse, (Cafe Museum) and over coffee, I got her phone number and I learnt her name. It was as beautiful, as she was. It sounded like the 9th symphony to my ears. Jacqueline. Destiny. Just looking at her was an inexpressible esthetical experience. Not even a camera could catch her perfectly features. The lens of any camera drew her cosmic grey-green eyes, her erotically lips, her perfect nose oversized. She wasn’t photogenic at all. I was fascinated from her native, natural beauty (there was no need for any makeup), but from her soft style even more. I falled in love with her in a fraction of a second, but so deep, that I couldn’t think anymore. I felt the attraction of a hunter to a prey, I had to get her at least one time.