• Why?

Even if the memories were very painful, I must admit, they were very inspiring. After she left  I finished the seventh tryptich (the last) from my four-years project „the seven prayers“, for which I had got the grant of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation from New York. /How C.R. envied me for that!/ During I was painting the huge pictures (they were bigger than me), I was listening to only this one song back and forth „Why?“ I needed those hot beats to compensate the silence of my daily meditations. Besides that was the only question which busied me, to find an answer for everything what had happened. I was confident (whithout being excessively conceited) that with this work I wrote a piece of art history. Literally. I did write a whole chapter of the Lotus-Sutra (the prayer of the soka-gakkai budhists) into the paintings, and dedicated them to the four base elements (sea, earth, wind, fire) as well to the moon, to the lotus-flower and to the sun. I finished them exactly in the right time before I changed my studio and still was able to document them in my huge, loftlike basement-studio. In July I moved into an attic studio, which I got from the City of Vienna. In August I designed a book of the seven tryptichs, a small postcard book. It was meant for spreading my art and even after sending the postcards having still a mini book. In September I found the right book publisher, we went in print and in December we could present the book for the first time during the exhibition of "the seven prayers" was running in the House Wittgenstein’s in Vienna.