• Fever

My following two weeks belonged exclusively to J.K. I was thinking nonstop of her, I couldn’t think of anybody else. We met almost every day, we went out together almost every night. I invited her into the hostel for a lunch. I cooked for us, she was late, but she came and smiled at me. She got a bit tired from the glass of wine we had drunk, so we went into my room. She was lying in my bed, and felt asleep on the spot. I was sitting next to the bed on the carpet. I enjoyed the lovely sight of  her face, half covered with her long soft hair. I couldn’t cut off my eyes from her, she was so beautiful. I gaped befuddled from longing for her, but I didn’t venture to touch her. The dream could have get broken. J.K. must have felt my eye, she woke up, our eyes met in a flash, and she dragged me to her into the bed, she said „Come closer!“ and she allowed, that I addicted myself to the desire, so I could give her all the love, I ever felt. Oh, I did know and was aware from the beginning, that she just wanted to try out to be loved by a woman. But she wanted to make this wonderful unique experience with me, so it made me thankful and proud forever. It was already late at night when I went along with her to her house. Coming back home into the hostel I still was floating on clouds of conquest. In the lobby I met R.K. she smoked nervously. I had had an intuition, that she was waiting for me. She asked me with an afflicted voice „where have you been?“ I answered cool and curtly „I just cheated on you“ and rushed into my room.