• Hallelujah I Love Her So

A new epoch started in my life, I belonged to somebody. I was giving my whole love I could sense to R.K. With her I also could live the unconcerned student life, I always imagined to live in Vienna. Often we went  to theater, as she was studying dramatics and philosophy. We spent most of our time with each other, long nights with everlasting discussions about everything. In the hostel we lived almost together, not in the same room, but under the same roof. As the summer came, R.K. went back home to Italy. I stayed in Vienna, but I suddenly missed her so much. She was sending me postcards from never seen romantic Italian cities, from Mantua, from the Torre del Mangia in Siena, even her mother was writing to me, and invited me to come to visit them in Verona. My (almost) oldtimer was still fit for use, although not officially licensed anymore, but I wanted to see more from the West, so I already dreamed about a journey to Italy. I got a temporary summer job to sell doors and windows sitting in a trailer, which was standing for weeks in front of the central cemetery. That especially did not lift up my soul, I felt bored to the death. To get distracted and to banish my cloudy thoughts I used my time to learn Italian, so I dreamed along. But the cruel reality was, the boss didn’t pay out my salary. As I didn’t see any money, I borrowed some. I took time off and was ready to go.