• Stone In Love

In Budapest was the opening of the Austrian Cultural Week, my professor exibited some of his work there among other artists in the Art Hall. Every important face of the art scene was present,  so I had to be  there too. R.K. accompanied me. After the opening  was a huge party at the so called Fészek (Nest ) - Club (a club for artists only). The girlfriend of my professor was fascinated by my Buddha-like ears, she couldn’t quit to admire them. We all were already slightly boozed. R.K. was sitting on my lap she hugged me with one hand, with the other she kept a bottle of wine. I was inebriated by the night, by the many kisses I got from several women, but suddenly I was sober. A long-haired blonde woman came directly to me and asked me for a cigaret. I went into raptures, I never ever saw such a natural beauty before. Susan was a sex bomb, but this woman was sensually as well, she was a phenomenon. I never saw her before, although she said she was studying architecture at the same academy like me. Suddenly she dissolved into thin air, like a dream, like an eidolon. As I finally came to me from the amazement, she was nowhere to find, as if the earth had swallowed her up.