• Go Tell It To The Mountains

I was nineteen when I was in Vienna the first time, it was my first time in the West at all. We were not allowed to travel often, we could do it only once a year. For three years only a small amount of change in a foreign (western) currency was granted. So we couldn’t get very far with that money anyway. Austria was „a land to live“ as it was said provocatively already when crossing the border, the portal to something, which I never saw before, although I was used to live in a capital. I always loved the anonymity of big cities. But here I got blinded from all the lights, from the luxuriance, from the transparent tricks of the rotting capitalism. As I arrived in Vienna I already played with those thoughts, I had plotted to stay. But after a few days, as I succesfully spended my whole money on LPs, and I couldn’t afford anymore to buy something to eat, I realized just in time that this luxuriance is only a pseudo luxuriance. It was too expensive and whitout money no brightness was shining anymore. Aside from that, I didn’t speak any German and did know, I could not escape from myself, nowhere. At that time I got back to Hungary with those profound insights, just to leave it four years later, forever.