• Break On Through

So I just lived for the moment, awaiting the next. I didn’t have a plan. I wasn’t sure yet, what I really wanted, I just did know, what I did not want. I didn't want to get back home.  So I chain-smoked my stinking hungarian cigarets called Symphony at the lobby of the hostel, as I usually did on the evenings. I was just thinking about isolation in general, as I got some company. A very pretty girl with long hair smiled at me and set down. She looked like a madonna painted by Caravaggio. We started to talk soon, we philosophized about God and the World, about life and art, till the sun was rising. What a night it was! Suddenly I could think in German. I could express what I wanted to say. I did completely forget about my inhibitions to speak, from that night I even started to dream in German. I met her again on the next weekend and after that too. We talked and talked as she kissed me surprisingly. I felt her warmth, her toungue, and returned her kiss. Than I thought, enough done for the start, and went to sleep. Of course I couldn't sleep. Late at night she knocked on my door. She slipped into my bed with a naturalness, I didn’t experience before. She snuggled her whole body to mine, I felt her soft skin, her long hair sheltered us like a tent. Honestly, I have not had much experience with women at that time yet, but we belonged together from that night.