• Addiction

Although C.W. was thirteen years younger than me, she was very grown up at least in her inner entity. We flirted already six years with each other, since she was living in the same house like me. First, I think, she hated me, just because I did know earlier than she did.. /Oh!/ She still needed some more time to bear, as well as some more experiences to understand her own coming out. We had spent some long excessive nights with each other, until she stayed with me for breakfest the first time. I was gripped by panic, in my awareness beat only one sentence, you can’t tie her to you. She still was so young, untamed, she  had her life yet to come. I didn’t have to wait for something new anymore. Only once in a while there was a little surprise like that night. I did know it would be irresponsible of me to expect anything from her, just because I couldn’t resist her juvenile charm.