• Rock Around The Clock

We had our first grand entrance at a prom. There was live music, the coolest rock’n’roll band of the city, called Hungaria, played. H.Z. took my hand, we started to dance, and suddenly everybody did quit dancing to give place for us, for our shaking and turning rock'n'roll figures. A chering crowd clapped their hands, no one’s feet could stay still when those heated rhythms were blasted out of the boxes. One, Two, Three, Four.. We rocked like there would be no tomorrow. Five, Six, Seven, Eight! I had highheels, a black dress and crimson lipstick on. We both were dressed in 60ies look, from head to toe. My father borrowed me for that night his butterfly sunglasses original from the 60ies, but it didn’t take long, the sunglasses break during the wild turn-around. We danced only together, the world was swinging around us, and we were swinging with it. But that was just the first of endless dancing nights. That was the era of wild house parties, we didn't miss any of them, we were everywhere, every night somewhere else. We danced twist, rock’n’roll, swing, we danced through the nights till our hand (from holding each other) and feet got bloody. We complemented each other in every movement, we had the same rhythm in every twist, in every swing and step. Our both youth melt into one, we were inseparable, like twins. With him I felt myself like a woman for the first time.