• Que Sera

I often have to think of those words, which my mother had written to me (I was maybe seven years old), whose real meaning I just started to understand over time. She said „life is the most complete roman, which ever was written. We are the existing heros in it. Our life is a big thick book, we flip through its pages, one after one, looking always straight forwards, what could hide away the next mystical chapter. When we hit the last page, suddenly all secrets get disclosed, nothing will be interesting anymore.“ Well, in my life were several heros, more leading roles were assigned. And although I knew, I should have been the key figure there, sometimes I left politely and gently the role to others. I had to get more distance to be able to see closer, to keep track of the whole. „Ahogy lesz úgy lesz..“ „whatever will be, will be“ sung Hollós Ilona  a hungarian crooner (my mother’s favorite song) on a clattering old shellac from the 50ies. That was the ideology, which I adopted and kept till today for my own use. Today is the day you live here and now, but you’ll never know, what will be on the next day. /Right?/