• Everybody Needs a Good Song

How do I think about it today? One is dying a bit by every breakup. Sometimes even you do feel, that a reunion happened for the last time. Although one doesn’t need to die necessarily to be dead. Sometimes it is enough to loose touch with somebody. It’s an only coming and going. Some people have to go to make place for other. Some maybe come back into your life one day, some get lost forever. Some paths may cross for a short interchange, some are running parallel without any chance to meet, living two different stories. Sometimes you won't get a chance anymore to talk about, sometimes it is too late to talk at all. To leave somebody or to be left has the same sad meaning and the same effect. The lack of communication. It’s so heartbreaking to look helplessly on, how the big feeling getting less and less, disintegrated bit by bit, day by day, till completely passing out. Being together depends only on a silk thread. Sometimes it will do one word, to tear it. In reality one always does break up in a lonely way, mostly long time before leaving actually. The blame is shifted to one only due to convenient complacency, although there are always (at least) two people involved. It does not matter, who is quitting. There is no winner and no loser. Stand-off.