• The Little Church

After four days I was saying farewell with a heavy painful heart. I heard the call of the road, I had to go. Driving my car between deep rooted green olive groves I had to remember a short poem, written by a schizoid waiter. „Ahead of you is all, behind you is nothing, you are on the road, you can’t do anything but move on. You got all, you realized, that’s nothing, you are on the road, you can’t do anything but move on.“ So I moved on, I crossed the Alps, the lila and red fields of the multicolored hills of Tuscany, the sun was beaming and wrapped everything in a golden light when I arrived in San Gimignano. The seven four-squared towers soared high up to the azurite blue sky, the magical small town still in the original state of the dark Middle Ages, captured my heart in a heartbeat. I admired the cathedral which was the shooting location for the movie „Brother Sun, Sister Moon“ feeling myself like an insignificant ant staying in front of it, as just out of nowhere rain was puring down. I escaped among other tourists to the open loggia waiting for the sun as suddenly somebody started to play on a celtic harp. The ambiance to feel myself moved in time into the sixteenth century was simply perfect. I could have stayed there till the end of time, but after two hours I had discovered even the last little hidden edge of the place. The most southern point I reached of the „boot“-land at this journey of time, was Island Elba. The summer and the five weeks were flying by, I had to cross the Alps driving back again, the last station was Venice, the sinking Byzantine dream, but I couldn’t see the beauty of the palazzos anymore, I only could think of the upcoming unsecure days. Even I had been fascinated by Italy so much, I took the way back to Vienna. There I had to start a lawsuit against my boss, cause he still had not payed my salary, and I won /Yeah!/ without having a lawyer, even only just one year later.