• San Francisco

But right now I was just waiting for a sign of C.R. With her I experienced a new awareness, again in a different language, but this time in a more unselfconscious way. When after three long months of hopeful despair the sign finally came, I didn’t hesitate, not for a second. I booked my airfare immediately on the 1st of April. It wasn’t an April fool. Only nineteen days later I arrived in San Francisco by beaming sunshine. A trip into the unknown affected by expectations and shy dreams had started. The disappointment was preprogrammed. At the airport nobody was waiting for me. Even though she showed up hours later I hardly recognized the woman I was waiting for. I simply was high from the nicotine detoxification due to the long flight. As a welcome gift, she kissed me on my lips /wow!/ and smoked my cigaret with me. We drove to her apartment, uphill, downhill. She lived near the Twin Peaks, somewhere on the fourtysecond hill, with a gorgeous panoramic view over the city. She fixed some food, filled fish and salad, a traditional jewish meal to Easter. But I only was hungry for her. I kissed her neck tenderly, she said, „Oh, thank you!" /?/ We were sitting on her sofa, intimately entwined.. in front of us the ghetto of the gay people in twilight. A tiny romantical detail from the land of unlimited opportunities.