• Sweet Home Chicago

I would never have thought, that the american continent would ever see me again. I needed immense much love to cross the Atlantic. I did it six times until now, four strong reasons gave me that courage. Firstly helped the love to C.R., secondly the love to the music, thirdly was my art, fourthly a deep long term friendship to H.Z., fifthly and sixthly a mix of all, love, friendship, art and the music again, so I could forget about my fears of flying. I am pretty sure it won’t happen again as there is no reason anymore. Back than I got fourty, Blue Chicago was waiting for me, the windy city by the lake, so I tempted fate provocatively, even if it should have been my last flight. Since my last trip to San Francisco four years had passed. I was in urgent need for some new inspirations. I did know the voice, I did know the name, I just missed the person to it. I already missed Janis, just because I was born too late, so right now I only wanted to use my time, the right time. I needed a real-life experience, to get to see and to get to listen to her live. When I arrived in Chi-Town, I immediately had the feeling to be at home. The city seemed familiar to me, the smoky blues bars were the reflection of my youth. I spent seven restless, sleepless nights in that exciting city, the blues was flowing through my veins. Finally I’ve landed by accident at the right place, in the right time. I got the blues every night and every day all kind of it, from Delta till to the 21st century, in all possible variations, everywhere. I sucked each and every beat in, insatiably hungry for everything Chicago was offering me.