• No Easy Walk To Freedom

The tuition fee for one semester at the academy swallowed almost my whole money, although I had sold everything what I owned in Hungary. Everything beside of my books and my car, an (almost) oldtimer Ford Escort (still with an original great britain motor from 1969). I even divested myself of my, in the meantime huge, LPs-collection. I needed to find a place to stay in Vienna, but all was ultra expensive for my conditions, I would have never been able to afford an apartment. The education system was totally unknown to me, at the beginning I still went to the academy every day, but I hardly met somebody at the class, as there was no compulsory attendance. I didn’t have a clue which lectures or seminares I actually needed to attend. I was at a loss, I didn’t know anymore how to help myself. I used up all my financial reserves very soon and was worried about how my life should go on. I did know, I could not survive by occasional jobs, the income of that was at most enough for small presents, which I took with me everytime when I visited my people back home. I was living in the Golden West and of course I had to keep up the expected appearances that I was doing well there. Suddenly something was set in motion. I applied for a place in a chatolic student hostel and got it. In the hostel two people shared a tiny room. There was a piano in the basement, where I liked to spend my evenings, playing piano or reading my books. There I could be alone, alone with my thoughts, and I could smoke.