• Look in Your Heart

I asked her for it and she was singing the song o n l y for me, whithout a guitar, accompanied only by a tambourine and drum, almost a capella. She encored with it a four hour long gig at Big Downtown. The room vibrated of her frequency and was fullfilled with her powerful, four octave voice. She was giving all, and oh, even more. She sung her heart out and speared my spirit. The walls were shaken from her powerful Red Hot Mama vocal. „Follow Your Happiness“. Yes, I did, and it made me really happy. „Only you walk your road.
O n l y  Y o u.“ How true! On the next day she had her next gig at Bill’s Blues, it was no question for me to get there, even if the bar was in a suburb, and even if the rain was pouring down the whole day. She gave me the address last night and I took a cab, we arrived at the same time there. It was like a miracle for me, incredible, unbelievable that my dream came true. I did get to know her and I was sitting next to her at the bar before the gig started. I was so excited, that I was not able to open a bottle of milk. „Sometimes I´m so helpless. You know?“ „Oh, Baby, come on!“ I made her laughing, and she put me on the spot. I hardly risked to look in her cosmic blue-grey eyes. She reminded me much too much of my mother for being attracted to her. A short woman with a voice of a lion. So it wasn’t the person herself but solely her voice I was attracted to. I tried to look deep into my heart to ask myself honestly. Did I want to get to know her really just because of the music or was I searching for something else? She spent every break between the gigs with me, we chatted and laughed, and we made an appointment for Sunday.