• Good Vibrations

Although I really wanted to change my life, I didn’t have the courage to emigrate. I needed a better position to start than getting branded as a political refugee. I spent my so called most beautiful young years in a darkroom, as a photograph, I didn’t miss anything, but the money didn’t make me happy. I finally wanted to start living, not being buried alive in the darkness for twenty-four hours. I needed light, freedom, to live my life in my way. I booked a short one-day trip to Vienna, I had hardly time to do all the things, I had planned to do. I took some drawings with me. I wanted to show them to a professor at the academy. He was a guest professor and was not available on that day, so I left the drawings and my address on his table at the graphic class. I had no time to come back another day, the short trip was to end. Two weeks after I got a letter from him, he wanted to have me in his class. What a joy! What an acknowledgement! My heart jumped in my mouth. I could hardly believe my luck, but it was true. I felt the time of big moments has come, my decision was prompt, definite and inconsiderate. I had to arrange the big journey carefully. I had two months left to learn the language.